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Our Process


Our problem-solving experts strategize and execute logical components to create a cohesive e-commerce solution.


We identify profitable and high-demand products through thorough research, producing exceptional outcomes and sales.


We'll fine-tune your marketplace to boost conversions and enhance product visibility, driving sales to new heights.


Our commitment lies in delivering tangible results that lead to maximum sales growth for your business.

What Must You Expect?

Whether you're selling your own products or dropshipping items, we'll showcase them on the Facebook Marketplace to attract potential buyers.

Product Hunting

We have a keen understanding of the products best suited for selling on the Facebook Marketplace. With categories tailored to your passion, expertise, or niche, we ensure that our product-hunting process is highly relevant and thorough, making it easier for you to find the perfect items to sell.

Product Listing

While Facebook Marketplace automation is a convenient way to sell your products, it's crucial to post the right products for the right audience to maximize sales. This is where our Facebook Marketplace management services come in. We'll source from various retailers and list your products on your Marketplace, bridging the gap and simplifying the process for you.

Marketing Strategy /

We develop and implement enduring methods and best practices for your products to ensure they remain top-of-mind and convert into sales. Our Facebook Marketplace services assist you in optimizing your products with the most relevant keywords to enhance organic reach and drive conversions.

Product Boosting

In paid marketing, we meticulously optimize listings and products with the necessary bid to make the most of your investment. We ensure that your ad targets the most interested audience and appears at the top of all sponsored results, enhancing your Facebook Marketplace selling efforts.

Order Fulfilment

After completing product hunting and listing for your Facebook Marketplace, we delve into the core of your dropshipping business. Our Facebook Marketplace dropshipping services encompass setting up your payment processor, sourcing and ordering the inventory of products needed for sale, and compiling all necessary documentation and complementary aspects to fulfill order requirements. This ensures products reach your customers in the correct manner.

Account Management

You can rest assured that Facebook Marketplace works because we handle everything. From sourcing products to listing items, addressing setup-related issues, and managing your Facebook Marketplace platform account, we take care of it all. Our e-commerce experts excel in automated, done-for-you service and account management, requiring minimal attention from you even after achieving maximum sales, high customer traffic, and multiple profit margins.

Our Facebook Marketplace Packages

We offer budget-friendly packages customized to your requirements, simplifying the management of your Facebook marketplace services.

Business Setup

  • Company Registration
  • Facebook Shop Setup
  • Marketplace Setup
  • Amazon Business Prime Setup

Digital Presence

  • Shopify Store Development (Only)
  • Amazon Store Activation (Only)
  • Social Media Account/Pages Creation

Business Execution

  • Product Analysis
  • Supplier Acquisition
  • ROI Estimation
  • Order Placement
  • Inventory Management
  • Account Management


$4,999 Facebook MarketPlace

Above package does not include Amazon Fee, Marketing Budget, Legal & Registration,
Inventory Cost, Shipping, Campaign Budget and Shopify Account.

What Our Customers Say

Don’t take our word for it. Hear it directly from our esteemed clients.

Thank you so much! Your customer service and prompt replies made this an easy decision. The growing business and incredible ROI is the icing on the cake!! I'll be sending family and friends your way!

Emily Turner

I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical before getting into this service. I literally have no computer background or any e-commerce knowledge. I was referred to Ecom Automation by a friend and I’m so glad I listened! I never imagined I could be a business owner, let alone have a business that I didn’t have to personally manage. At this rate, I’ll have a 7 figure business by this fall!

Daniel Reynolds

Ecom Automation is the best investment I have ever made! I’m an Amazon business owner and utilize Ecom Automation to manage my businesses day to day. My plan is to retire at the end of the year and I have Ecom Automation to thank for that! Thank you!!

Samantha Mitchell

Success Stories

We’ve helped countless clients scale their businesses, improving their sales and optimizing their profitability.